Want to Help Us?

Welcome to our Donation Information page!

There are many ways you can donate to your local shelter.
Here are a few ways that you can make a difference.

Buy a Brick Program: We have recently installed a very nice sculpture and walk way outside of the shelter. Here you can purchase a brick to be placed in the walkway. You can have anything you want written on these bricks.


For more Information on this program, please call us.
Wills and Trusts : People don’t usually think of this as a way to donate to people, but it is one of the best and easiest ways. Just write us into your will or trust, it’s that simple.


Whatever you may feel fits. We are not and will never be picky about donations.
Donations :
There is always the good old fashion donation of a set amount of money that can be sent straight to us. there is no minimum amount, every little bit help us out a great deal with day to day expenses and cost of running a non-profit shelter.


Amounts vary upon your choice! Every Little bit helps. please look below for all available options.

To make a one time donation, you can click the “Donate button” below and enter whatever amount you wish to donate! No PayPal account needed!

One Time Donations:

Monthly Amounts

Subscribing to any of the above amount will renew monthly until you stop it. Any issues or questions please contact us.