Exciting New Fundraiser: Pen-4-Pups!

Exciting New Fundraiser: Pen-4-Pups!

Exercise, we all know the benefits of it. Imagine being confined for an unlimited amount of time without being able to blow off some steam. Well, we want the best for all the pups in our care here at the Humane Society & Shelter – SouthCoast! There are many aspects to keeping our canine friends happy, healthy and well adjusted and we believe exercise is key! Many of the dogs that enter the shelter arrive here through no fault of their own. That cute little puppy that someone has acquired, suddenly turns into a furry ball of non-stop energy! In addition to proper nutrition, consistent veterinary care, grooming, and obedience training, our dogs need a safe and secure area that they can play and socialize and well……just be dogs! Help us make the dream of fencing in a large play area and replacing an old worn out agility mat a reality for our furry guests while they await their permanent homes.

You too can help put some pep in these puppy steps. This is a great gift, a way to honor your friends or furry family members, remember your loved ones, or show that your business supports a great cause. All gifts are tax deductible as permitted by the limits of the law. Please visit givinggrid.com/pen4pups or select the GivingGrid tab from our Facebook page.

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